Shifa Healthcare and Community Services: Year-End Giving Program

As the year ends, many of us are reflecting on the blessings we have received and looking for ways to give back to our communities. Shifa Healthcare and Community Services is a nonprofit organization that provides vital healthcare and social services to low-income, uninsured, and underserved families in the Houston area.

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How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Your donation to Shifa’s year-end giving program will help us continue to provide critical care to those who need it most. Your Support will allow us to:

Give a Little, Change a Lot: Fuel Giving Tuesday

Shifa - Pay for Medical Visit & Lab Work​

Pay for Medical Visit & Lab Work

Pay for Food & Shelter

Shifa - Pay for Legal Assistance & Counseling

Pay for Legal Assistance & Counseling

Your donation isn't just a gift; it's a beacon of hope. Join us in changing lives.

Will You Join Hands With Us?

Why Shifa?

  1. Making an Impact: 19,6% of Harris County’s population live in poverty. Shifa eliminates the link between financial standing and quality of care. Shifa has served more than 60,000 people, and witnessed a 25% increase of assistance to families within a single year.
  2. Breaking Barriers: Shifa does not turn anyone away for lack of insurance. Shifa provided care to all patients, regardless of insurance coverage.
  3. Supporting Survivors: In average, twenty people are abused physically by their partner each minute. Shifa Women’s Center offers meals, crisis intervention and education, as well as legal aid, to more than 2,400 victims in this one year.

Your Impactful Support

Shifa has a tangible and wide-ranging influence. Your generosity propels us in:
  1. Affordable Health Care for Everyone: Shifa can continue to offer low-cost health care by maintaining a sliding fee scale.
  2. Expanded Services: With the support of Shifa, it can expand its services to include dentistry, eyecare, and extended hours in order to reach more families.
  3. Support for the Vulnerable: Donations will fund Shifa Women’s Center’s essential needs, including meals, daycare and legal assistance for survivors of domestic violence.

Thank You for Considering Shifa Healthcare & Community Services. Your Contribution isn't Just a Donation; it's a Lifeline for Families in Need.

Year-End Giving