Giving Tuesday: Join Shifa in Making a Difference

At Shifa Healthcare & Community Services, Our mission is to uplift underprivileged communities by providing accessible healthcare and unwavering community support.

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Maria's Journey: Inspiring Hope on Giving Tuesday

As GivingTuesday approaches, we share Maria’s story—a tale that embodies our mission.

Maria was in a tough spot without health insurance and needed medical help ASAP. Shifa provided her with quality healthcare. But it didn’t stop there. Maria faced domestic issues and needed support. Shifa Women’s Center stepped up, giving her a safe place to stay, food, clothes, legal advice, counseling, and mediation support. Through your donations to Shifa, Maria’s health was restored, and her family transformed.

Empowering Through Services

Your donation this Giving Tuesday can rewrite stories like Maria’s, offering medical care and support to those in silent battles. Your donation isn’t just a gift; it’s a beacon of hope. Join us in changing lives.

Give a Little, Change a Lot: Fuel Giving Tuesday

Shifa - Pay for Medical Visit & Lab Work​

Pay for Medical Visit & Lab Work

Pay for Food & Shelter

Shifa - Pay for Legal Assistance & Counseling

Pay for Legal Assistance & Counseling

Transform a Life This Giving Tuesday: Maria's Journey of Healing

Why Shifa?

  1. Making an Impact: 19.6% of Harris County’s population lives in poverty. Shifa breaks the link between financial status and access to quality care. Shifa served over 60,000 individuals, witnessing a 25% increase in assistance provided to families in just a year.
  2. Breaking Barriers: Shifa doesn’t turn anyone away due to lack of insurance. Shifa ensured care for all, regardless of their coverage.
  3. Supporting Survivors: On average, 20 people are physically abused by their partner every minute. The Shifa Women’s Center has provided solace to numerous survivors, offering meals, crisis intervention, education, legal aid, and a secure refuge to over 2,400 victims this year alone.

Your Impactful Support

Shifa’s influence is tangible and far-reaching. Your generosity directly propels our mission in:

  1. Affordable Care for All: Your donation enables Shifa to maintain a sliding scale and continue offering low-cost care.
  2. Expanded Services: With your support, Shifa can broaden its services, including dentistry, eye care, and extended hours to reach more families.
  3. Support for the Vulnerable: Donations fund essential needs at Shifa Women’s Center, from meals to daycare and legal aid for domestic violence survivors.

Thank You for Considering Shifa Healthcare & Community Services. Your Contribution isn't Just a Donation; it's a Lifeline for Families in Need.

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